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Your Destiny Awaits: (Collection of Letters, Poems, and Reflections with God), is a thought-provoking e-book which was designed to aid individuals in undergoing self-reflection to uncover the root causes that hinders one from entirely walking and operating in purpose. Your Destiny Awaits is follow up to her first book The Journey to Freedom, Healing, and Wholeness and author Larisha Y. Warner continues to openly bare her soul through powerful testimonies and her intimate relationship with the Lord to inspire readers to dig deep and allow the Lord to assist them in uprooting, healing, and overcoming life trials and tribulations. Furthermore, this ebook incorporates practical life application (i.e., tips, questionnaires, and prayers) that will help create and further enhance one’s intimate relationship with God.

Release Date: April 1, 2019

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The Journey to Freedom, Healing, and Wholeness, serves as one of concentration, devotion, and commitment to fulfilling one's life journey. Larisha’s story is one of hope, grace, and determination to freedom. Her life journey has endured countless hurdles and trials including experiencing sexual abuse/molestation at a young age she remains optimistic and has always credited God for leading, guiding and seeing her through it all. This book is a reflection of her unwavering dependence on God. With God's help, she made up her mind to continue sharing His message of love and hope to all. She is of a firm belief that the very same One who turned her life around can do same with anyone and everyone. Determined to help others overcome pain and grief, she finds expression in God's endless love and support all through her journey. This autobiography of Larisha Y. Warner is a must read for all who desires to see the faithfulness of God amidst hardships.

Release date: April 26, 2018

Publisher: Lincross Publishing (Atlanta, Georgia)


“Thank you so much for sharing! I am halfway through your book and from the beginning, my heart ached for your struggles, and that I am into chapter six I can be at peace deep in my soul because you are, thanks be to God.  Now that is knowing your worth.  I'm so proud of you before and now after your struggles. You allowed God to show you who you truly are and what I see and I am sure what we all see you be, a beautiful and amazing woman. I love you, Lady, always!! I cried for and with you, therefore I will rejoice within your everlasting Glory!!  You are amazing and beautiful inside and out " KNOW YOUR WORTH AND OWN IT"! GOD BLESS”

“Real life experiences shared by so many women seeking to be worthy of their reality of love & life. Becoming vulnerable to shame, bondage & unforgiveness self. This book speaks to the authenticity of Larisha's true spiritual values. Values that speak to who we are when we willingly "Let Go & Let God" meet our every challenge. He gives us strength, vision, purpose & revitalizes us. Every man & woman shall read about her journey to freedom, healing, and wholeness.”

“I love this book and have purchased it as a gift for others. This book is a great place to start when you are truly ready to begin your journey of freedom, healing, and wholeness. I believe, for myself, the two most influential chapters of The Journey to Freedom, Healing, and Wholeness are the chapter on forgiveness and faith. While reading the book I began to allow myself to be completely open and also began a period of self reflection. I immediately connected with the pain, hurt, confusion and self-doubt. As I continued reading, it was almost as if my life begin aligning with Larisha's journey. I have been hurt by my father and knew that I needed to forgive. I verbally forgave years ago, but it wasn't until I began to pray and reflect and read, that I understood the difference between a verbal statement of forgiveness and one that takes place in your heart. Where is your faith? If your God be for you who can be against you? At that moment I knew I was wrong and began the process of total forgiveness. I am now walking under an open heaven and I truly believe it is due to the nudge I received from reading this book and being willing to allow God in. I truly thank God for her!”