God's Little Creation (2015)

(This poem was written to the parents of my Goddaughter) 


Baby Jolie, I am so excited and patiently waiting for your arrival. 

God, please continue to care for her as you have promised us in the bible. 

God thank you for creating her in your image.

 Jolie, never forget that you are destined for greatness, and with God, you can do all things even overcome barriers or limits.

Jolie, you are surrounded and covered in love.

 Lord, we pray that you send her blessings from up above.

Jolie, remember to rejoice in your mommy and daddy's love and affection. 

Have faith and trust in their guidance and direction. 

Caprice and Chris I pray that Jolie will be a joy and blessing to each of you. 

I know you will be amazing parents, and God will always be there to see you through.

Through her precious and innocent eyes, she will see things that are unfamiliar and new. 

In an effort, to understand it all I know, she will look only to the both of you. 

Congratulations to you both on your beautiful blessing. 

I pray that will be reflecting on this journey eager to share with others so many valuable parenting lessons. 


With Love,

Larisha Y. Warner 

Divinely Destined