Once Again (2018)

This poem is dedicated to every loved one who has passed away in my family over the years.

You maybe gone but you are never forgotten!

Once again I wish we could talk, laugh, and spend time with each other.

As I sit back and reflect over my life I wish you were still here to help me to uncover.

Not the little things but the true essence and foundation of who God created me to be.

I realize the only thing I have to hold onto is the faith of a mustard seed so it’s best to trust God and wait to see.

I must admit those major milestones, family gatherings or even those low valley experiences I wish you were still here.

I wish I got a chance to tell you I LOVE YOU before you left and disappeared.

I am learning to not dwell in sadness but to always remember our unique bond.

What I would do to once again hear your voice when I call and you respond?

The word of God reminds me that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

Although we may not be able chat and I visually see you I can remain encouraged as I begin to fully grieve instead of ignoring.

That day reality settled in and the tears from my eyelids began overflowing.

As much as I wanted to scream and get angry I know I couldn’t because I felt deep down inside you telling me Risha it’s okay now and you have to keep going.

Now as I reflect back over the last few months including this holiday season I truly miss you like crazy.

Some days I have been okay while many others have been more difficult to navigate lately.

I pray that as each day progresses I will continue to find comfort and relief in knowing that you are now living peacefully.

I will continue moving forward while living life abundantly until the day we will see each other once again in eternity.


Divinely Destined