The Empowerment Academy aims to utilize inspirational books including our current book publications The Journey to Freedom, Healing, and Wholeness and Your Destiny Awaits: Collection of Letters, Poems, and Reflections with God to educate and help individuals continue on their life journey. Our collection of books and tools will serve as practical resources to assist individuals in applying fundamental biblical principles and application to their daily lives.


Empower Me Coaching Program, led by our Founder Larisha Y. Warner is designed to incorporate biblical principles to assist clients in discovering how God perceives them while working towards achieving their defined goals. We look forward to helping our clients to grow closer to Christ despite their current circumstance. The coach and client relationship primary focus to build a working partnership in order to achieve success. We will utilize techniques and resources to empower each client in moving from their current state to where they desire to be.


Reflections w/Ree are intimate video or voice reflections where our Founder, Larisha (Ree) will share her perspective, real-life experiences, and advice to help others in navigating some of life’s most pressing challenges. In her personal life, Ree has always been an active listener and always willing to provide words of encouragement to others. Likewise, Ree is of the firm belief that her life experiences are not just her life experiences but are occurrences that God desires for her to share in an effort to raise awareness and to help others while bringing glory to His kingdom.